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FFBM-Summit-19 (Image copyright Jürgen Strauss)

First Fast Business Mastery Summit 2020

Design an AWESOME year for YOUR BUSINESS in Just 5 Days at: Resort TBA, Australia (In 2020, we’ll be selecting a beautiful location from one of our bushfire affected communities in South Eastern Australia. In this way, we’ll be helping to support their recovery). Dates: 4 – 11 June 2020 (7 days total, including arrival … Read more

First Fast Business Mastery - Thailand 2017 - Planning is Fun (Image copyright Jürgen Strauss)

Planning is Fun: The Way we do it!

Planning is Fun:  In May 2017, the First Fast Business Mastery team ran it’s very first planning retreat on the wonderful Coconut Island off Phuket in Thailand.  This was a magical and transformational event for all the participants with amazing results achieved by everyone, including the training team from First Fast Business Mastery.     … Read more