Planning is Fun: The Way we do it!

Planning is Fun:  In May 2017, the First Fast Business Mastery team ran it’s very first planning retreat on the wonderful Coconut Island off Phuket in Thailand.  This was a magical and transformational event for all the participants with amazing results achieved by everyone, including the training team from First Fast Business Mastery.

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In the InnovaBuzz Podcast Episode 77, Jürgen Strauss reflects on this event:

First Fast Business Mastery - Planning is Fun

InnovaBuzz Episode #77 – Planning is Fun: Lessons from Running a Retreat

Key points and take-aways from this episode on Lessons from Running a Planning Retreat:

  • Planning is fun
  • Away from the day to day – The Importance of Environment
  • Accelerated Learning (modelling)
  • You learn what you teach
  • Beginning with the End in Mind
  • The Power of Focus
  • The Power of Mastermind
  • The Power and Beauty of Frameworks
  • Disney Creativity Strategy
  • Did I mention planning is fun?

There is a magic exponential power unleashed when people join and work together.

There is a magic exponential power unleashed when people join and work together. @innovabiz #FirstFastBusinessMastery Click To Tweet

Yes, planning is fun and can be transformational.  Listen to what Genee had to say about the event:

Yes, just like Genee said, we are going to do it again!  In June 2018, over 5 days, in a wonderful tropical island resort in Vanuatu, we help you clear the decks, exape the everyday grind and develop your plan to confidently deliver your million dollar business in 2018-2019.  Not only will you be able to confidently determine, design and predict your results over the next 12 months to create your EXCEPTIONAL  future now, you’ll also join a community of like-minded, passionate and inspiring business achievers, AND have fun!

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See what Angela had to say:

First Fast Business Mastery - Thailand 2017 - Planning is Fun (Image copyright Jürgen Strauss)

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