We, at First Fast Business Mastery, are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Our clients embark on a transformation journey during our events.

See and hear what some of our clients experienced on our past events:

Sharon Hill

Best thing - learning and doing the work so everything is ready when we get back.
Changed - more focused and clearer goal evaluation.
Looking forward - seeing how far I've come and planning much bigger.
Recommendation - come on the retreat! Great group of like minded businesses. FUN!

Genee Marks

Social Change Agent & Adventurer
Bricolage Consulting

Best thing - working to develop a laser sharp focus.
Changed - know where I'm going and knowing how to plan for that.
Looking forward - seeing how far I've come and look forward to bigger growth. Excited.
Recommendation - enrol! You get so much out of this from day one. 

Angela McDonald

Business Efficiency Expert
The Business Room

Best thing - Everything! Location, People, growing and learning with each other.
Changed - looking at my business by thinking big and seeing that I can achieve big goals.
Looking forward - repeating the exercise on a much higher level.
Recommendation - Do it! Value for money is phenomenal! This will transform your business

Andrea Henrickson

Business Coach
The Breakfast Coach

Best thing - plan for the next 12 months in a creative space and crystallise the plan.
Changed - gain clarity for next 12 months and long term vision, including fit with values.
Looking forward - reflect on the past 12 months and plan the next 12 months.
Recommendation - Just do it! The return on investment is immeasurable.